Better person challenge

CATCH UP WITH AN ACQUAINTANCE: A better person challenge

Go to an acquaintance (not a friend, not a stranger), say Hi.

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Talk to them, get to know them more.

Be genuinely interested.

Ask about how life is going or start up on any common interest you have and follow up from there.

Don’t be overtly talkative and prickly.

Keep it neat.

And be prepared to leave gracefully if they are not in the mood to talk.


Talk to a different person each day.

Best wishes.

P.S: Every talk need not be informative, personal or encouraging. Sometimes, people just needs to know there is goodness and love left in the world. And that they are not invisible.

Do your part to restore the faith in humanity.


Please do share your experiences and share the challenge to your friends too.

I would love to hear from you all.

Check in @better_person_challenge for more details and challenges:)


3 thoughts on “CATCH UP WITH AN ACQUAINTANCE: A better person challenge

  1. It’s sadly shocking to me how many people find this to be so difficult. To “check in” and genuinely desire to be in the loop with someone whom we claim to care about– that shouldn’t be something we need advice on. And yet, so many people do not have the consideration of reaching out beyond themselves, making this post necessary and helpful. So, thank you!

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