My life

Potato Love

I love potatoes.

In any form (ahemm…in any cooked form)

As in mashed…or in curry..or as long crispy French fries form…as in a side dish for rice..

All and any…

Though I seriously suck at making good crispy French fries, I still try…and eat them all up..

Oh! And I add a spicy touch to those fries too..Well, I am Indian after all!!

That’s another thing you need to know about my taste. I love south Indian dishes..and anything else which is as spicy as our dishes 😀

Yea, not a tad of sweet tooth here…Except for dairy based sweets 😀

I love potatoes. I love pickles. I love spicy food (and nothing else)

So, now you know what should be on the table when I come over. 😀

P.S: I don’t like the term ‘couch potato’ though.. It is an insult to my dear potatoes. Why not, ‘couch pumpkin’ or just ‘couch fries’ or maybe ‘couch tree’ (What? They seem rooted to their couch, don’t they?)


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