My life

Weird thoughts I actually have (more than once)

I think the best feature of Internet is to find out that you are not the only one who does it that way… Or maybe have thoughts like this:

  • What if this is all just a dream, and I wake up someday and actually have to live through all this…. Again????


  • What if my bathroom crashes down and people have to dig to find me?? Naked??
  • What if this nation suddenly goes under the soil and a thousand years later, they find it… Excavate… And find crazy stuff like cups? Tables? Spoons?
  • What if I was born in a really rich country? And my parents were filthy rich??
  • What if I wasn’t good at studies? Would I have ended up as a good artist by now?


  • What if tomorrow everything disappears and I have to start up from scratch?39603535
  • What if the insects in my room actually turn into humans at night? Do they watch me sleep?
  • What if the ants are actually aliens sent to spy on earth?
  • What if I die today? Will I be able to spy on who are all present at my funeral??
  • Did I really check the lock the third time I went to check it? Or was it yesterday? Or maybe in my dream??


  • What if I wake up 10 years and ‘13 going on 30’ happens to me?


And lots more….


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