Better person challenge

SHUT YOUR MOUTH: A better person challenge

Here comes a tough one.


Learn to keep your mouth shut.

You don’t need to answer every acquisition, correct every single person, clarify every rumor about you, shout at the unruly driver (even through honking), advice every novice… no..

Learn to speak less, think more.

Only a fool steps down to answer another fool.

But YOU? You keep climbing.


Answering gossipers, back-biters and the crazy driver who cut in without thinking, just pulls you down to their level.

The best answer to people who can’t keep their babbling tongue in, is to smile and walk away SILENTLY.


P.S: If you are person who have been giving ‘tit for tat’ replies all your life, you might feel like a fool at first. But try it for a while and let me know if it hasn’t made your life more peaceful.


Please respond in with your likes, comments and shares.

Share your funny experiences.

Keep going!!!

Check in @better_person_challenge for more details and challenges:)


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