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When HE asked me to smile

This happened some time back (days..maybe weeks…maybe months :P).

I went to a certain office to get some papers signed. It was worth years of work just waiting to be sealed so I could escape from the place.

But, instead I was asked to come back again..the next day.

I got up early the next morning, went back to that place. Waited till the office opened. Then I went in there.

Bhoo…I was asked to come back…After half an hour..

I went in obediently after 30 minutes and she was like ‘ Oh, you seem like in a hurry. Wait for 10 minutes’

I went in after 10 minutes and the lady inside didn’t even turn her head as I called her.

I went out and waited..another 15 minutes.

I went back in and she looked up and went back to her work.

I went out again and waited..another 17 minutes.

Again, I went in and got told to ‘Just wait outside’

I waited and waited for almost 3 hours in that lobby.

And as I waited my level of patience was coming right down while the anger inside was surging up like a rocket.

Finally, my patience hit rock bottom as I got up, ready to TALK to her!

And that’s when He asked me to ‘SMILE’

ME: Lord, now is really not the time for that


ME: Why are you doing this to me??


ME: Is this some kind of the last phase training?

JESUS: SMILE and go in.


And I did. I breathed in, breathed out. I pasted on a smile and went in. Spoke softly with much politeness and got my stuff done.

As I walked out of that place, I felt relieved and free.

I didn’t give her a piece of my mind yet I felt free.

His silly command saved my day!!


8 thoughts on “When HE asked me to smile

  1. This post literally had me laughing out loud. The humor you used (Although I am aware all the dialogue and contexts were very real and not made up for comical relief) mixed with a very real and intriguing message about Christ’s influence in our daily lives, and how He saves us— that all hit the spot very nicely. Thank you for sharing this and being motivating about your faith. God is good. 🙂

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