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A new page

Finally landed on a job and here I am in a strange city, alone and starting on a brand new phase of life.

Here are my pretty little findings in the tech city Bengaluru :

  • There is no point in waiting to cross the road. Just jump in and sweep across the swarming vehicles. And…if the reach the other side, you may take another breath!!
  • Everyone here speaks a different language (Well, not everyone but I sure did hear at least 6 or 7 within the day)
'English is their second language.'
Strange land..strange languages
  • It is definitely easy to walk than to get on a bus for short distance. Bus crawls in the traffic and you can save aย  minimum of 10 minutes for each stop
  • If you know Hindi, you are the queen (which unfortunately has never been my favorite language and thereby, no ‘queen-dom’ for me)
  • No one cares for your makeup or appearance. Either they are busy in their own world or you have the scarf tied over half of your face to shield your pretty face from scorching heat and the flying dust.
Official bengaluru style ๐Ÿ™‚

Pic courtsey :

No matter how much I try searching my brain for a more sensible post, all I can think is ‘THANK YOU LORD’

Undeserving, Unworthy and yet Your grace found me.

Oh Lord, You are so faithful.

Thank you for this job at my dream company and thank you for sustaining me.

Nothing else but Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

(Yeah, I can’t stop telling ‘thanks’ )


15 thoughts on “A new page

  1. It’s refreshing to read about someone else’s humility and appreciation for something like their job. And it’s that much more refreshing that that someone would be thankful to God, and not to something which has nothing to do with their circumstances (Like luck or coincidence). I wish you the best with your job, and may the Lord pour out His blessings upon you!

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      1. Nor do I! I believe luck is the way many people explain good things which happen to them for reasons they cannot understand, thinking of luck as something more rationally understandable (Good things happening from an outside source, neither tangible nor spiritual). I, however, do not think it is more understandable at all. Luck confuses me (lol). But blessings make much more sense to me, and it seems to be the case for you, as well. I hope you’re having a wonderful evening! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. With Jesus making note of the only person who returned to give “thanks”, we realize how much that means to our Heavenly Father! May our hearts always be filled with gratitude and our mouths with thanks you’s!

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