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Sequel to ‘In ME, for OTHERS’

Remember how this old post of mine said I want God to work in me for others??

Well, that kind of happened this month.

I had an interview at my dream company a few weeks back.

The technical round was pretty hard and I didn’t know whether I would make it in or not.

But anyway, the point of the post is that I believe God used me to reach out to certain people I met on the whole interview journey.

I got around to talking about God’s timing to my interviewer as he asked me about my last painting which was this cute clock.

I also got to talk to a fellow believer I met at the interview and to whom I still text btw. A few verses and whatsapp chats later, I have come to believe that maybe it was not a wasted trip after all.

If I was the one He used to reach out to these people, even for a moment, I am more than glad to have traveled 20 hours to and fro just for it.

Oh!! Now I am starting to understand the fire inside evangelists and why the missionaries go to the far ends just for one soul.

Even a single broken soul is worth than all the riches in this world.

It is indeed a blessing to be used by God.

P.S: I did crack this interview :). I am officially employed.  God is good.


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