The Bible

I admire those people who have read the whole bible front to back and that too multiple times.

I am in WOW of those people.

But as hard as I tried, I could not do it till now.

How can I read the whole thing in one year when I am just struck at a portion for over 5 months?

I can’t seem to move on as everyday I get new revelations from the very passage I read and re-read and read again for the past few months.

Every time I read it, I am fascinated by it that I can’t even crawl over it. I am stuck like with the super-glue. ( BTW, I am currently stuck on Joshua 5,6 )


Is it just me or do more people feel this way too??


19 thoughts on “The Bible

  1. I have read the Bible several times. The first step is to find a Bible translation that you are comfortable reading and understanding. Go to and try a sample verse or chapter with different translations. There are Bibles structured to read the OT, NT, Psalms and Proverbs in one year, although personally, I have not found reading the “Bible in One Year” enjoyable. The amazing part about reading the Bible is that each time you read it, you will learn something new. Blessings to you on reading the Bible!

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  2. Hello dear sister! I praise God for you! It warms my heart to know you are not following your old Adam’s agenda, but that of your new self united with the Lord! You are receiving revelation in large part because you are pressing into Him as you read – you truly seek Jesus, the Word – instead of trying to get “through” the Bible in a given period of time!

    Jesus of Nazarth did only as the Father was doing; by grace through faith, we are empowered by His indwelling Spirit to do the same: this is how we can be holy as He is holy. Love you!

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  3. I agree with you TheClippedbutterfly reading Scripture just to read it and also without understanding is a waste of time, what happens is we become confused, it’s like a jigsaw add to that peoples own interpretation even well known Theologians and Evangelists and Wow we are really scratching our heads.

    I would like to share with you how I overcome my Confusion with the link below and to share something we do need so we do understand God’s Truth. Asking for His Wisdom and empowering which we were not Born with opens our eyes to His Truth, the Link gives more detail.


    “Christ”ian Love – Anne

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  4. I am reading the bible in its entirety for the fourth time and I am just about to start reading Joshua again today, in my younger days I couldn’t face reading the whole bible because of the difficult names and prophesies I couldn’t understand. I used to study random portions and didn’t really learn anything. Now I prefer to read the bible, every day, I am learning more by reading, and by reading different translations.

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  5. Yes, that’s definitely happened… especially with the Old Testament. 😛 One thing that helps me is to pray-read verses [What I mean by that is to use the verses and pray them back to God]- in that way, even if certain portions are a bit dry, each verse is God breathed [2 Tim 3:16] so at least I feel supplied after each reading, even if it’s not much!

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  6. The New Testament is much easier to read. Especially since you get to read what Jesus says! Also you have Revelation to think about which applies to modern times today. Please go visit and follow my page for my current and upcoming theological posts! God bless!

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  7. No, I have not read the entire Bible. Not Sure If I could. When I was younger I would read it but it only impacted me as much as the book Tangerine did; nothing spiritual about it. But now I read it and it gets to me; like a cold in my lungs it just sticks with me; I can relate to you!

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  8. I skimmed recently through the “chronological” Bible and I found it very helpful. But, honestly, I prefer to read books by noted scholars ABOUT the Bible. I just find it much easier because they generally know a lot about the history of the times, culture, etc. as well as the original Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic which I can’t possibly begin to understand on my own.

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