Better person challenge



Stop using curse words and bad talk, even inside your head (and that is where it starts :D).


This is something we all (well, most of us) have wanted to do at someone point in your life.

When a word just slips out in front of your kids or your boss or your pastor; Oopsie!! Those are moments when you wish you had tried it earlier.

Cheat code:

To keep the challenge in your mind, tell yourself loudly “I WONT USE CURSE WORDS AGAIN” 10 times now. That won’t prevent you from talking bad from the next second, but it will probably etch into your brain so the next time you say it, you will remember the challenge. Hopefully, after a few times you will remember it before the word leaves your tongue.


If you can’t guard your OWN words, how weak are you?


P.S: I know it might take more than a week to get this implemented into your life. So, why stop at one week? 😛

Try it.

Keep going.

Challenge others too.

Like, share and comment in 🙂

Check in @better_person_challenge for more details and challenges:)


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