Beacause of YOU!!

Joshua 6:1

Now Jericho was all shut up because of the children of Israel: there was no going out or coming in.

Did you notice that?? Because of the children of Israel.

Wow! Because of a group of slaves who escaped from Egypt and wandered in desert for decades…Because of those people the giant wall of Jericho was all shut up.

The entire city protected by a 11m high and 7m wide double wall was scared of a mere 600000 people.

This is what Rahab told the Israelite spies:

Joshua 2:9

‘And said to them, It is clear to me that the Lord has given you the land, and that the fear of you has come on us;’

And yet the victory seems impossible to normal mankind.

Do you find yourself in the face of giant walls that can’t be climbed over?

Are you wondering why a huge wall blocking your way while the non-believer friends of yours is facing no trouble in getting through?

Are you being attacked by stronger forces as you draw near to God?

Well, that is what the children of Israel faced centuries back.

The giant wall of Jericho!!! The impossible task!!

If you are facing something that is not ordinary, just know that He called you for the extra-ordinary.

Maybe you don’t understand the power of the mighty anointing upon you. But God knows it and here is something else: Your enemy knows it too.

When the reward is high, the fight will be tougher.

But be sure of one thing: If He has started a work in you, He is FAITHFUL to complete it…100%

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7 thoughts on “Beacause of YOU!!

  1. In this life we are constantly confronted by various obstacles or people that would try to impede us from doing the work of the Lord. Such things may even compel us to stop on our journey out of fear of what these hardships would do to us. The Bible makes it clear however that we have no reason to fear the difficulties of life.

    While they look big to us, if we look behind us we will see God and He is MUCH BIGGER than the fears ahead of us. Furthermore, the Bible reveals that God will never leave us to face these fears alone. Therefore, let us move forward in the work God has given for us to do. If God is on our side, who can stand against us!?

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