Better person challenge


Remember the movie ‘Evan Almighty’ aka ‘Noah’s Ark’?

Remember how Evan used to get up every morning and talk to the mirror?


‘ I am successful. I am powerful. I am handsome. I am happy’



For the next week let us be Evan.

Change it into your own words. Boost yourself every morning.

And, in case you know you will forget it in the half-asleep morning ritual, make a note. Stick it your mirror.

Just for one week let us try to be a self-motivating freak.

Cheat code for the note: In case you fear someone will notice that and laugh at you. Just draw a weird smiley and lots of animal faces around it. You will think of Evan and remember this post

Respond with your experiences and the funny stories of the challenges.

Do like, comment and share.

Check in @better_person_challenge for more details and challenges:)

Thank you.


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