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A quick reminder

Happily leaving ‘WHYS’ unaswered –

I just got randomly redirected to this old post of mine. And it reminds of how faithful my God is…

Psalms 37:4
 Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

You see no connection???

Let me elaborate…

I am working with computers yet connected to my profession (Pharmacist).


And I enjoy doing what I do 😀


2 thoughts on “A quick reminder

  1. Your post is very interesting. I understand that in addition to monitoring pharmaceuticals for adverse reactions, it can also include “any other drug-related problem.” I am curious if you or anyone in your organization is involved in monitoring of “frequent flyers” regarding use or over-use of opioid pain medication. I live in Pennsylvania. Our governor recently signed into law and has established a state-wide monitoring program that records and keeps information regarding the prescribing of pain killers such as Vicodin and OxyContin. For me (as a person with a past history of active addiction) this type of program is truly needed. To some it will sound too much like government surveillance. However, something has to be done about the over-prescribing of opiates. When I was using, I would seek narcotic pain medication from multiple doctors, walk-in clinics and emergency rooms. I also filled scripts at multiple pharmacies, often paying cash to stay off the radar of my insurance carrier. Today, teens are getting addicted to pain medicine and finding it too difficult or too expensive to continue feeding their addiction. They are turning to heroin in alarming numbers. 2,200 people died of heroin overdoses in Pennsylvania in 2015. I would be very interested in your opinion on this issue.


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