My favourite story book

Sometimes…Just sometimes, when you read Bible, read it like a story book.

We often miss out the wonders in the biblical stories because we read through the portions without even thinking.

We are too busy being all pious and holy, we read it special tunes and slide over all the amazing stuff in there.

We don’t wonder how Noah built a huge Ark with his family alone. We don’t think that during that whole time, Noah might have looked like  a lunatic to the community. Oh come on, will you start building even a boat if God asks you to, today? Crazy thought, huh??

We don’t think of how weird it was for Abraham to know he would be a father at the age of hundred. We don’t think how different it might have been for Sarah to have a pregnant belly when her hair was all white. We don’t appreciate the bold faith of Abraham when He trusted His God to sacrifice a son he had after decades of waiting.

We don’t think of how Ezekiel felt when God had asked him to be a drama prophet acting out all everything he was told to. We don’t think of how crushed He might have been when his wife died and he was asked not to mourn by His God?

No, we don’t do any of these thinking and wondering because:

  • We think the people said in Bible as from another world. But the truth is, NO, they are not. They were humans with feelings and emotions and thoughts and lives just like us.
  • We don’t bother thinking about what we read.We just read through to finish the ritual of ‘having read bible today’ and I do not think that is something God wants.

I wouldn’t like it if someone just glance through my posts when what I really want is them to read it, maybe even go forth and read between the lines too. I believe that is what God wants too.

He wants you to spend time to read and not just do ‘the ritual’.

Even if it is just one verse, read and ask for His heavenly guidance on it.

And enjoy reading it. I do. The word gives me life and sustains me each day.

And at times, it also mesmerizes me with the amazing faith and the different scenarios the men of God had to go through. And I wonder if I am even 1% near to the faith of those men.

And that happens when I read it like a story book.

‘Coz sometimes we pay more attention to a story than to the rituals!!!



6 thoughts on “My favourite story book

  1. I agree with you, reading the bible as stories is much more beneficial, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Picking out a verse here and there and trying to wrap your head around it is pointless, people who go to religious meetings do this and sit and listen to some minister who’s come out of Theo – school and they often put their own slant on scripture or teach Constantine. Stick to the bible in its entirety, shove rituals where they belong – in the trash.

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