3-Day Quote Challenge (Quote 1)

First things first.Thanks to Shouldabroughtabook for tagging me for the three quote challenge.

I love being tagged in challenges. It gives me something to do creatively on the blog.

Sorry I am a bit late with the posts.

So…no more delay….here is something that has touched me on the go.


This was something that made me ponder for a while. The very stuff we want to ignore…those stuff will be turned into blessings..

The past you want to ignore, the scars you wanna hide…THOSE THINGS will be used by the Almighty to mould you and to reach out to someone who is going through the same.

Now, to nominate: lancepricebloghymnsandtea and beginnersbiblereading


5 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge (Quote 1)

  1. This is great! Whatever hurt, scar, or ANYTHING we despise about ourselves, God will use it. Like my vintage, (but cracked and broken) bowl, I adore it for its brokenness. Each vintage piece has a story, and the crack is a part of it. Today, the bowl is sitting on my stand all dressed up and beautiful. (actually, I think it’s more beautiful than it ever was in its heyday) Sometimes, I see that crack, but it no longer defines the vintage piece. What defines it is the beauty. The crack just comes with the story.
    It’s the same with us people. We may have a crack or a hurt, but God can turn it into a piece of beauty for Him. Our hurt is a part of our testimony of how God has raised us up.

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