3-Day Quote Challenge (Quote 2)

Thanks again  to Shoulda Broughta Book for the tag.

Here is my second post on the #3 day quote challenge.


Yea, I might not be able to make a huge difference, but I can definitely sleep with the peace that I did something right, that I contributed to making the world a better place..

I might not be able to change THE world, but I can definitely change MY world

-Ummmm, that’s me 🙂

And this time I nominate: KewritesHelenchelsworld and Virgobeauty


10 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge (Quote 2)

  1. Oh, I do love this one. Maybe it’s as we get older, we appreciate that sending the positive ripples into the future is the best we can do, but it’s pretty darn good and worthy anyway.

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    1. Hi..Sorry I didn’t spell out the rules in the post.

      So, it goes like this: You have to post 3 quotes of your choice on three consecutive days.

      You should tag 3 other blogs each day to keep the challenge going.

      Also, don’t forget to thank the person you nominated you. Provide a link to their blog in your posts.

      Thank you for deciding to keep it going. 🙂

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