Better person challenge



Step outside your circle and spend a few minutes with strangers you meet every day or at least every week.

UntitledStrangers??? Yeah, the guy at cash counter, the orderly at your work, the security guy, the lady who mops the floor.. 

As you pass by them the next time, STOP.

Spend 2 minutes for them.

Ask them how was their day.

Comment on the climate.

In all, acknowledge their presence.

And the next day, just a smile or nod will lift their spirits.

Do this to at least 2 people within the week.

#Easy challenge

#like, share and comment.

Share and let the challenge spread ( to your Fb, Twitter or Whatsapp groups)

Check in @better_person_challenge for more details and challenges:)


4 thoughts on “BEYOND YOUR CIRCLE

  1. I make this my habit. Janitors at the mall, security officers, yes, I chat them up. You will be surprised how much room there is to share Christ, but also how much you will learn from ‘insignificant’ people. I just posted on this earlier on, about a SundA testimony. Check it out, it confirms that what you are saying is true.

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  2. I always try to do this. Maybe since I’ve worked retail, been a secretary, waited tables, I know that those we encounter in like positions are actual people, worthy of recognition. Often doing jobs we don’t want to do. But I accept your challenge and will pay special attention this week. Even with the best of intentions, I go on Autopilot sometimes and forget my manners of welcoming my fellow man into my world.

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