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Tiny moments of praise #1

The jam-packed local bus just passed by as we reached the stop.

It could have stopped and got us on-board. We could have squeezed in somehow.

But it was gone.


Disappointed? Yes.

And the moment of praise?

Just 2 mins later, the cool A/C bus came to a halt right in front of us. It wasn’t jam-packed. In fact, it was almost empty you could play cricket in it.


Lord, You are amazing!!

And was that all? No.

10 minutes later, stuck in heavy traffic, the praises are still flowing.

If it was on the crowded bus, we would be suffocating by now.

🙂 🙂 🙂

My God is good!! ALL THE TIME!!


While we see only today and this very moment in front of us, remember, ‘God is not bound by time, space or matter’, He sees your whole life all at a glance. And whatever is confusing and disappointing today will someday reveal His amazing plans.



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