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The post with many more in it..

We had a 12 hour non-stop worship event at Coimbatore, India last year same day (12-Sep-2015).

The main verse of the event was Joshua 6:16

And the seventh time, at the sound of the priests’ horns, Joshua said to the people, Now give a loud cry; for the Lord has given you the town.”

I think I might have referred to how I got glued to Joshua 6 since then.

The portion has been speaking to me in different ways through these months.

Joshua 6: 27  ‘So the Lord was with Joshua; and news of him went through all the land.’  took me through an interview as the Lord continued to speak to me that He was with me indeed. Out of all the verses in the Bible that cast out fear, I got a very special one: one from the portion of ‘the fall of Jericho’.

My post ‘Really, you are a believer?’ was another point where His word convicted me on my lack of faith despite all the miracles I keep experiencing day by day.

And this is another post of encouragement that dealt with Joshua 6, again!!!

Oh…and another one of faith.

And the Gilgal confession.

I never experienced so much from one tiny portion of the bible and woooo, I am overwhelmed by the revelations of the holyspirit.

And the best thing is I don’t think it is over. I think there is more that the Lord wants to teach me from that portion.

Isn’t He amazing??

P.S: Yea, I did this painting on the portion too 🙂


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