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I miss You


: Lord, I am still fighting all by myself here. It is still the rough patch. I miss You


: You miss me?


: Yes Lord, I miss You


: What all stuff do you miss?


: Well, I miss the constant talks we had. All day.

I miss your hug when I am down.

I miss feeling you close and falling asleep in Your arms.

I miss the way you encouraged me to see that everything has a bright side.

I miss the way I felt secure and safe even when my whole world was shaken up.

I miss the way I trusted you blindly knowing that You have greater plans for me.

I miss the revelations and visions that made me wonder of Your wisdom.

I miss the passion for you, burning inside me every single moment

I miss all the walks and talks we had, Lord


: Mmmmm…

But I see you have missed out a few things from your  long list


: Like what


: You didn’t include volunteering at church, going to prayer meetings, doing other stuff contributing to my ministry…….


: But Lord, I still do those. I don’t miss those


: Oh…then you are saying it doesn’t make you feel all warm and secure like I do?


: ……….


: Well?


: No, Lord. It doesn’t.

It just makes others feel I am all good and pious.

But it does nothing to me.

I miss you


: Are you saying those are unimportant?


: No Lord. Those are important.

But it doesn’t replace You or Your presence.

I want YOU. I miss YOU.

I don’t understand why You were so distant


: I think You just got your answer, dear.

Nothing can replace me. Not even what you do for me.

Learn to have your priorities sorted.



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