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My weird suggestions; to WHATSAPP

Finally Whatsapp is in the video call business and there goes all the extra apps from my phone. Bye bye ‘Imo’, ‘Skype’, ‘Viber’ and what not.

Whatsapp has become all in one and all in all with this new update.

Though the video clarity is quite good, the connection speed is a bit drawling (or maybe its the slow hostel Wifi :/)

As I am not a reviewer of apps and not really a critic of anything, I guess it is time to wind up the update news bulletin. 🙂 

But being a bit imaginative and innovative (so I claim, in my head!!), here is a bunch of suggestions for future updates though :

  • Customizability of autodownload to individual chats and groups (Please take this one seriously)
  • Voting buttons for messages in group ( Kind of a looooong shot, I know but it would greatly save time while deciding weekend plans :D)
  • Marking certain messages as high importance or stick to bottom of chat ( prevents important msgs from being lost in group chats)
  • And everyone’s dream, customise who would see you online or your last seen ( kinda beats the purpose of it but a girl can dream, right?? 🙂 )
  • ANIMATED SMILEYSSSSSS (like in Skype???)

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