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Helios family

Pharma Helios, we were a weirdly awesome batch. Yes, we had our bunch of disputes and disagreements but as I look back I don’t remember any of them. But here is what I do remember:

  • My first trip to Kovai with my two bodyguards 😀
  • The first time I met each one of you (and the funny stuff that happen alongwith)
  • Birthday celebrations in hostel (I could name a few but I won’t)
  • The end of first year (and the biggest blessing in disguise…Freedom!!)
  • University exams….and the wonderfully blank look we gave each other right after we got the question papers (I can help but point out the PIOC, Cognosy, Analysis, MC….). By last year, we had becomes pros at handling anything 😀
  • The lab hours…Running around with test-tube and MICE!!!
  • Endless seminars and presentations (I can’t remember any topic but I do remember the faces you guys made from the last bench)
  • Sleepy lectures as well as creative lectures.photo2664
  • The family tree (Miss you my class pappa, mummy and all the crazy relatives)
  • The bundles of Xeroxes and sharing of notes. In the end, we needed only one set of notes for each house.
  • Patient counselling!!
  • Medifest and what-not reasons to bunk the class
  • Outings n trips…Manipal (Ah! The train journey) and Bangalore…
  • Selfies, Groufies…photo shoot everywhere
  • The endless teasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the give and take policy.
  • Lovely depths of poverty at month’s end when we pool in money and eat with the last penny!!!
  • Our lunch hours..Food from all the different houses, talks (because our stomachs were too full and we couldn’t get up :D) and the lovely sleep hour later
  • And last but not the least (not at all the least), the food.. Starting with KMCH canteen, college canteen, GOLDEN CAFE, DOODS, KD, SITA PANI (grilled committe!!), Anandhas, Vinayaka bakes, the bajji shop, Grace ‘N bakes, Aryaas (the travel predecessor), the surprise grilled chicken party at night before I left and the very foody farewell everyone gave me.

Well, I could go on quoting another 10 more, but it will be too long of a post which I know you guys will be too lazy to read. 😀

It was awesome being a part of this batch. You guys encouraged and supported me in whatever I could (which was not very much) in terms of writing, drawing, painting and crafting. Actually you people did much more than that. You made me into some poet-interior designer-craft person-backdrop designer. Being the introvert-shy person I am, I would have never done it without the constant support from you all.


Missing each and everyone of you.

Love n Hugs,

-Selfie queen-Techno-savy-Me and my curls 



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