My life

Home @ cbe

To the people who made it heaven on earth,

That place was home…HOME!!!

In school, I was that kid who hated the evening bell. I never wanted to go home, instead wanted to spend time in school, with friends. But our ‘Home @ cbe’ made me long to come back from college and rush home, to be with you all.

  • Away from all our worries, we had fun and laughed till midnight.
  • Even with all the mishap dishes, we all put on weight over the time.
  • The holidays a.k.a kitchen days.
  • Ever running theatre in the living room.
  • The morning rush and run
  • A place where a huge part of life (COOKING!!!) was learnt.img_20151022_170346854
  • In our uniforms, on the living room floor, talking non sense and laughing….till hunger calls us.
  • Exam times and all the pacing!!
  • Birthday celebrations and the screamingimg_20150108_233358061
  • Paati’s eyes and nose penetrating through the walls. Oh, and the lovely trips to throw out garbage 😀
  • The long serious spiritual talks and debates.
  • The lovely 3 am talk on spiritual realm and the scary night talks.
  • The shopping (just in Nehru nagar) and all the shopkeepers who knew us (Cheran, mobile shop, Medical shop, the stationary shop, Ragam bakery, Sai cakes, Pazham muthir ……) . They even knew if anyone from the house has already bought sugar 😀
  • The psychology tests and all nonsense we did that nightphoto1978

I can count on each and every single day in that house and talk endlessly.

Wherever life takes me, ‘Home @ cbe’ would always remain my first house a.k.a home.


Missing that place so much…


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