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PMT family

Words can’t explain how much I miss this place.

A place where you just knelt down and fire fell; you join hands and was surrounded by the cloud of holy spirit; you start a prayer with “Father….” and Amen comes hours later.

A place where faith, forgiveness and the basic lessons of mission were learnt.

A place where worship had no boundaries nor restrictions.

A place where encouragement was boundless, both for talents as well as spiritual gifts.

Thanks for all the opportunities you gave us, Pastor. It takes immense courage to train the wild youth and give them chances to grow.

It was an awesome awesome time I had with the PMT family.

Outreach, carols, outings, get togethers; everything was fun.

And more than fun, the pastor and elders, you people taught us the practical side of living by faith. I can, without a tinge of doubt, say that those lessons I learnt at PMT, held me up through lot of unanswered questions and dark nights.

I am glad I could spend time in such a spiritually sensitive atmosphere.

Every Tuesday evening and every Friday evening, my heart still goes back to that basement where  weekly praise and worship and bible hours took place.

And not a Sunday has gone by, when I haven’t thought of PMT and the sunday service there.

I pray that the church will be blessed much more that it would touch another ten thousand souls the same way it influenced me; an unforgettable impact; a colourful imprint.

PMT shall not only spread the light to Coimbatore, but it shall send out beacons of light, burning with the love and passion for God, all over the world.




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