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A very late Christmas post

Well, this isn’t a Christmas post; Just a personal note on my Christmas, this year.

Every year we see more of Santa take-over during Christmas time. This trend has spread way too much and even into churches. Church carols insists on taking Santa along, as it wouldn’t look Christmas-sy if he is not there.

How did Christmas become about Santa and his reindeers?? And why do church carols and programs have him in it?

“Coz kids love him”

“Santa is expected to be there for Christmas”

“He makes it more fun!!”

“We know he has nothing to do with Christmas. But why there is no harm in including him”

I had a great time with the Christmas programs and carols every year, but this year was the happiest of them all.

Coz, it was totally about JESUS. There was no Santa in my new church. Yet we had fun, love and celebrations. Oh yes, we also had kids programs, Christmas outreach and carol service.

All without Santa.

I admire the pastor for holding fast to Bible and not finding excuses to include a non-existent character into Christmas.

Gotta admit, “This was an amazing Christmas”


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