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Am I old??

Throughout the years, I have heard a thousand preachers talking about how the world is heading towards destruction. I heard them speak about how the vulgarity and immorality in this world is spiking up at an alarming rate. I have listened to many a call to rise up and pray for the nations and the people. I have been called to action to reach out and spread the good news.

But, never did it strike me so badly that the world indeed needs a Saviour as this last weekend.

And what changed me?

Not a sermon. Not a retreat. Not any fire conference. But a weekend shopping trip.

(I know, God does have a great sense of humour.)

I went for shopping to a place nearby. Spend 2.5 hours searching for one decent clothing.  Just one. And what I do I learn?

It is easier to find needle in a haystack, than finding a decent clothing in this city. Or finding sober people during weekend.

That changed my prespective on things. I thought those sermons on “The world is collapsing”, “Impurity is everywhere”, “We need the fear of God brought back to the country” were because some old people were finding it hard to accept the modernisation.

So, now I realise, either I am old too or the world really needs a Saviour.


Let us not wait until our own kids walk astray. Let our wait till our own co-workers seek drugs to ease the pain. Let us not wait until our own family decides to end their life.

Let us not wait dear people. 

Instead, let us stir up, get ourself on our knees and cry out for this generation.

We are already late, but not too late.


12 thoughts on “Am I old??

  1. Loved it!! I love what you shared, pray for this generation. This is the answer! Your wrote it so simply and humorously and brought out the key thought so clearly.

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  2. I so agree! Today’s “norm” is scary. I try so hard to not be conformed to this mess, but be transformed. Amen, it’s praying time. Was just reading 2 Timothy and this is so the last days.

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