Waiting again

I love putting up cute and unique wallpapers. Today, as I searched for a new one on theme “Waiting“, I found something strange and interesting.

Every pic on waiting seemed to be either sad or lonely.

Whoa!! Why is that so?

I agree waiting is hard. Waiting is the toughest phase we go through but it comes by more than a thousand times in our entire lifetime.

From a new born crying while he/she waits for milk to an old couple waiting for the end, we have it packed in every day of our life.

If this has become such an integral part of life, then why not make it interesting and happier?

There is no rule saying the curve should be always downwards on a waiting smiley.

Tomorrow as you wait for the bus or your spouse to get out of bathroom, make the time worthwhile. 

It doesn’t even need to be productive. You could just focus on relaxing in the waiting time.


The point is to enjoy the tiny gaps of time that falls in like bonus points in between 2 levels.

Here is how I enjoyed it today: Late cab ‘N sugarcane juice


4 thoughts on “Waiting again

  1. I really enjoyed the refocus on this piece. I agree, it does not have to be a negative experience. Thank you I never thought about it before. Blessings!

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