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Another conversation

I know I post a lot of me-and-God conversations here. And I know that most of them also makes me look like a crazy woman. 😀

Yet, I love posting those because I want to share how the soft voice of God clears my doubts, answers my questions and encourages me to look at things from a different angle.

So, recently I found myself in the midst of a situation I never thought I would be in.

It was something like you go for a walk in the forest and take all precautions not to get lost and yet ends up in the middle of forest, going around in circles, LOST!!!

You were here, now you are lost.

Prayers were sought and time spent on knees, still the question lingered: “Lord, I was very careful with every step I took, yet how did I end up here?

Well, He didn’t answer….for days…weeks…It seemed like a long time to an impatient me!

Then, one night while travelling back from work and stuck in traffic, I asked the question again (Coz I was impatient and couldnt rest until I knew why it happened so)

Me: “Why Lord? Why did it happen. You know now I can’t depend on anyone in case of any emergency. ”

God: “I know” (Was there a smile with that tone??)

Me: “Seriously Lord? You are smiling??………….Wait a min, Did you??? Was that You? Did you organize this whole thing?”

God: 🙂  (Ok, now that was surely a smile)

Me: “But why??”

God: “Well, you have answered that question”

Me: “…………(thinking….rewinding the conversation)……..Oh my God, was that…?? Is that why you did it??? Because I thought I could depend on someone else?”

God: “When I am here, why do you have to place your hope somewhere else???”

Me: “Well…..(more thinking).. I guess, I did start depending a little bit too much on people….”

God: “There you go…”

Me: “Sorry Lord.. and thank you for correcting my misplaced trust.”

He alone is needed. He alone can do it.

DO NOT misplace your trust!!

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”- Matthew 19:26


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