An impromptu warning

This is not from my list of schedule posts but something that I feel so strong in my spirit to share, now and here.

To all those who are waiting on God’s promises but feeling a bit weary and tired of waiting, this is for you:

You are feeling really tempted to do something instead of waiting on God.  It has been a long while in the waiting room and you are running out of patience.

Your thoughts are trailing towards “Maybe God wants me to do something” “Maybe this is the door, I need to knock harder” “Maybe it is God who is waiting on me to get up and act”.

The voice inside you is doubtful and confusing. You cant seem to fix your mind on what decision to take: to WAIT or to ACT?

Believe me, “Our God is not a God of confusion”. When He speaks it is always CLEAR. His voice will calm the turmoil and there will be divine peace. Wait for it. Let Him do the work in you while you wait.

He has the perfect timing!! He is the best event manager. He is more than capable in turning your mourning into dancing.

He doesn’t need you to give the start so He can finish off the rest. Instead wait for Him to start. Let His step be the first step. 

So, no matter how much you are tempted to do it, please DO NOT try to help God.




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