EZRA (Part Six: Heart broken)

EZRA (Part One: The Story)

EZRA (Part Two: YES to Opportunities)

EZRA (Part Three: Waiting)

EZRA (Part Four: Opposition)

EZRA (Part Five: Ezra, the Prophet)


Despite the struggles and pain the people of Israel went through as they were captured, lived in captivity and returned back to build the temple of God, they lose their way again.

It is even said that “…….And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness” in Ezra 9:2.

The leaders who were supposed to lead people into righteousness and truth, in turn became leaders to unfaithfulness.

Well, that situation does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

Our present generation is no alien to this type of wrong leaders. It has become increasingly difficult to sort out the good and faithful servants. Let the spirit of discernment guard us and our children in this misleading times.


Ezra 9 is a chapter of repentance and prayer.

Ezra tears his robes and breaks down at the unfaithfulness of his nation.

From Ezra 9, we see a powerful intercessory prayer made for the nation. He repents of the sin that the nation has plunged back into.

Are we willing to be knees fighting for the nations that the Lord has entrusted us with?


If we aren’t, then God is probably wondering why He has placed us where we are: in places we could be beacons of light; positions where we could reach out to hundreds or even thousands.

No Christian is placed anywhere without purpose. God has strategically placed each and every one of us, in the exact place He wants us to be.

Shine wherever you are, let the world see Jesus in you.

Let our hearts break with the desperation, helplessness, loneliness, pain and suffering around us. Let our hearts break when sin abounds and many lose their way. Let our hearts break with every single thing that pains our Father’s heart.

The repentance of Ezra, moves the heart of people around him (Ezra 10:1).

EZRA (Part Seven: Complete repentance)


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