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Heavenly Shower!!

Nothing can capture the beauty of this wonder

To feel its pelting touch on your shoulders

Wondering at the force of it yonder

Yet enjoying every drop that befall on us.

ย .

Playing in the rain is every soulโ€™s dream

The carefree image it projects soothes our senses

Longing to run into it on whim

Yet keeping from it on second thoughts.


I bet there is no one whose first thought

Is far from what I speak

To soak in the torrent

To dance in the downpour.


To go back in years

Carefree like the child

No stifling matured thoughts

On what the neighbours think.


To be crazy and wild

Is the inborn streak

That which we curb in the bud

For the world tells us to.


Still the dreams revolve over

The wildest of these fantasies

Till our death we bear

The restrains of society.


We take it to our graves

The simplest of our dreams

A dance in the drizzle unfulfilled

Just because none else does.


-Written long back. Thought I’d share here ๐Ÿ˜‰


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