Poems and Songs

To be ME!

Stuck inside myself
It was not the first time
The feeling wrapped me in
Trapped did I feel

Wish my eyes were bigger
My nose longer
My smile prettier
My body taller

My mind steadier
With no more psyhic nonsense
That turns me outright crazy
I guess I am a bit tipsy

Dozing off with a mutter
Wish I could fix myself
A way for a make over
Maybe I could exchange myself!

A loud boom shook me up
A shooting star went past
A wish was granted
To exchange myself

Staring at the lives for sale
My eyes roved over those present
The ones so pretty
With beauty that pauses your walk

There were millionaires and richer
With diamond chains around
Gold and rubies were their pack
Even their rotten tooth shone

Faces that were familiar
Faces not yet seen
All were on display
With all the big offers

Couldn’t believe it when I saw
These lives were for exchange
Why would they not want their own
They had everything it seems

There was a screen on display
The real life portrayed as such
Stuck by the contrast I stood
Silently watching each one

Pretty Mary had no family
Richie Tom no sleep
Ruby Shellie in hospitals
The most stable of them all is on drugs

I turned to go back
No I’d rather have my own
But the wish was granted
I had to make a choice

A grip of sheer terror seized
As my heart started running
Faster than my legs
Escape escape did it beat

Waking up with a jolt
Never did I feel so comforted
Of being in myself
Oh the joy to be me

As I got up and jogged on
It seemed like a new life
A new perspective did I gain
In just a few seconds of dream

No more longing
For a life more fair
Life is beautiful
No, My life is beautiful

Another poem from a long while ago

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