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Rain AGAIN!!

Its been summer for ages

Even the dams are running dry

Paying for the natural resource

Eagerly waiting for a drizzle


Prayers and rituals everywhere

Calling out to The one above

Believing without shame

Trusting for a change


The day it all ends

He has decided to bless us

The doors of heaven are open

And it has come to us


Pregnant clouds floating

Its shadow casting a gloomy darkness

Yet looking up with expectation

Like the hornbill awaits


The way the first raindrop

Quenches the sunkissed rock

The smell of fresh soil

Wafting towards the nose


Children playing in pudddles

Even the old enjoying the drizzle

Umbrellas are not yet open

For the touch of rain is divine


No more will our wells run dry

No more will the birds be thirsty

The stuffiness and puffiness gone

Smile of the blessed shines


Lazy bones cuddling the pillow

All that is wanted is to snuggle in

Under the blanket for more sleep

As the air is chill deep


Let me sleep some more

For this the official a/c from above

Once in a while does it visit us

I dare not miss it

-Another one written long back, ‘coz I love rain!!


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