This blog is just a snippet of my thoughts, experiences and revelations.

And about me?

Name: Ann

Location:Β God’s own country ‘Kerala’, India

Age: πŸ˜€ Well, You can wish me on May 18, every year


35 thoughts on “About

  1. “Peculiar people” are supposed to be weird aren’t we? As someone whose name means butterfly, I’ve always loved them, so I find your blog name clever. Don’t know if by the “clipped” part you mean you don’t fly, but that’s just a matter of time πŸ˜‰ Thanks for looking around my blog and liking some posts. I’ll do some more looking around yours as well. So glad we’ve crossed paths…

    Grace and peace,

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      1. We are all different — we were created to be different. I’m betting that you’re far more appreciated than you realize, my dear sister. Think about what King David said to God in Psalm 139: 13-14.
        “For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”
        I grew up under, shall we say, less than favorable circumstances and as a result, I was extremely shy. I battled my shy, introverted self – the me with no self-esteem, for many years; well on up into my mid 30’s in fact.
        You made a statement that really hit home for me. You wrote, “By ‘clipped’ I just meant there is always a part of you that you keep closed inside because being original is not always appreciated.”
        The older I get, it seems like genuine, down to earth people appreciate the same type person. It’s the people who put on airs, or try to be someone or something that they aren’t that can’t seem to appreciate a genuine, what-you-see is what-you-get type person.
        So FLY BUTTERFLY — FLY!!! Be you… there’s no one else on the planet that can do it as well as you can sugar!
        Big HUGS to you, and may God, our Father, wrap you up in His tender loving arms, allowing you personally experience His agape love and His strength, available at all times… just ask, He says.✝

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  2. Hey thanks for the follow! I love your blog by the way! It’s the same as mine! You’re always welcome to mine to get a detailed look of all the cool features your blog can do! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I look forward to seeing your next posts!

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  3. Thank you for the follow πŸ™‚ I believe Kerala is a beautiful part of India. I got to know someone from there when he lived and worked here for a while before returning home to Kerala. He taught me a lot about his country and culture. It was of even more interest to me of course as our oldest son was born in India and came home to us as a five month old πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks for stopping by BigSisterKnows.com.

    I just read a couple of your blog posts, and I truly enjoyed them! I needed the humor–thanks!

    Here’s something you might appreciate. I have it on a pillow in my room:

    Lord, keep your arm around me
    And your hand over my mouth.


    I look forward to reading more on your site. My God bless you in all you do.


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