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A constant prayer

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How much longer??

How much longer will we tolerate pagan cultures?

How much longer till we teach our kids the truth and not the tradition?

How much longer has He to wait, till someone says “Here I am Lord, to stand as per your standard of holiness”?

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An impromptu warning

This is not from my list of schedule posts but something that I feel so strong in my spirit to share, now and here.

To all those who are waiting on God’s promises but feeling a bit weary and tired of waiting, this is for you:

You are feeling really tempted to do something instead of waiting on God.  It has been a long while in the waiting room and you are running out of patience.

Your thoughts are trailing towards “Maybe God wants me to do something” “Maybe this is the door, I need to knock harder” “Maybe it is God who is waiting on me to get up and act”.

The voice inside you is doubtful and confusing. You cant seem to fix your mind on what decision to take: to WAIT or to ACT?

Believe me, “Our God is not a God of confusion”. When He speaks it is always CLEAR. His voice will calm the turmoil and there will be divine peace. Wait for it. Let Him do the work in you while you wait.

He has the perfect timing!! He is the best event manager. He is more than capable in turning your mourning into dancing.

He doesn’t need you to give the start so He can finish off the rest. Instead wait for Him to start. Let His step be the first step. 

So, no matter how much you are tempted to do it, please DO NOT try to help God.



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It makes me smile

Here is a verse that makes me smile every single time I read it:

Colossians 3:13

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone.

It is a great assurance to know that God does not command something without knowing how difficult it might seem for us.

I know anyone who reads this will agree that “It is not so easy to love every single person you meet”. We are commanded to love each person and sometimes it is soooo difficult.

It is not because we are not good people or because we didnt pray or because we dont wanna be like Jesus. No, it is not all that.

It just is too difficult because people are different and stupid and crazy and adamant and…..

Well, in short, they are not what we want them to be.

And that is when God tells us to ‘Bear with each other’

He knows it is not going to be easy. He knows it is going to take an effort. He knows it might drive you crazy and yet : ‘Bear with each other’.

Forbear each other’s burdens and pain. Forbear their nonsense and still say “God loves you and even though I don’t want to, I love you too. Because He loved me even when I was crazier than you.”

Colossians 3:13

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone.

Memorise this verse because I can assure you, you might need it a couple of times a week or maybe even more than that.

Say it and ask for guidance when you have to deal with tough people. Do not go with the ‘flesh instincts’ as it might cause some serious damage to relationships and maybe even a broken jaw!! 😀


And if you have testimonies of how the heavenly wisdom helped you from doing something stupid, please do comment below. It might encourage another brother/sister struggling with patience and battles of relationships.

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Another conversation

I know I post a lot of me-and-God conversations here. And I know that most of them also makes me look like a crazy woman. 😀

Yet, I love posting those because I want to share how the soft voice of God clears my doubts, answers my questions and encourages me to look at things from a different angle.

So, recently I found myself in the midst of a situation I never thought I would be in. Continue reading “Another conversation”

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Am I old??

Throughout the years, I have heard a thousand preachers talking about how the world is heading towards destruction. I heard them speak about how the vulgarity and immorality in this world is spiking up at an alarming rate. I have listened to many a call to rise up and pray for the nations and the people. I have been called to action to reach out and spread the good news.

But, never did it strike me so badly that the world indeed needs a Saviour as this last weekend.

And what changed me? Continue reading “Am I old??”

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…….and your minds

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

A familiar verse…But something jumped out at me. Continue reading “…….and your minds”