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Petal, petal…


Petal, petal as you peep into this world of ours,

From your cozy pink blanket,

I pray that we will not disappoint you,

That you long to wither away before you even bloom!


And He played Holi

I don’t find any great quotes to express how beautiful His creation is!!

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and that’s how we fight!!


He loves us too much to pamper us in our sins

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The one ministering area I was always apprehensive to step in was ‘Children’s ministry’. Though, I have no idea how I ended neck deep in it, I gotta admit it wasn’t as scary as I thought. In fact I enjoyed being the ‘Craft teacher’. 

Sharing a few clicks from what we did the entire week:

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Kanakpura again!!

Church picnic..A few clicks

Sorry for glares and out of focus clicks…

I wasn’t quite at my best but hey, nature is beautiful the way it is!!