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The OTHER son

Luke 15: 11-32 contains one of the most widely preached parables of Jesus. The parable of the prodigal son. 


It talks about a Father’s forgiving love and a son’s repentance. The verses 11 to 24 contain this core message. 

But my attention was always focused on the rest of the parable.

I believe that the rest is just as important as the first portion.

If the story was to end happily ever after, Jesus could have ended it at the 24th verse having drawn the picture of an ever loving Heavenly Father and the sinful people, BUT he went on. Further another character of whom only the existence was told in Luke 15:11 in a fleeting phrase of ‘2 sons’ was reintroduced into the picture. What could be the purpose behind this guy’s role in that parable??

Theologians say that the elder son symbolized the Scribes and Pharisees, who found fault with Jesus for kindly receiving the sinners who came to him.

However, being born and bought up in a Christian background, I always wondered if this could be co-related to many church goers’ of today. ‘The so called upright, holy regular church goers.’ They attend every prayer, diligently participate in all spiritual activities, worship like there is no tomorrow, has never strayed a bit from the side of heavenly Father since the day they met Jesus.

Oh, but he elder son is the one who is an angry and adamant guy who did not know nor understand the depth of love and forgiveness, right? How can he be like the holy sons and daughters of God? That is where I would love to explain more.

First, let us learn about the qualities, the good ones, of this elder son. This elder guy:

  • Worked for His father

Luke 15:25

“Now the older son was in the field”

        The day of the younger son’s return, the elder brother came back from the field after his work there. The guy was a diligent worker. He spent his time in the fields watching over his father’s property, working in his fields. Now the word of God has portrayed this world as the field for missionary work many a times (Matthew 9:37-38) . So the eldest son was a worker in the field which can easily be co-related to all of us who are as by command (Matthew 28:19-20) workers in His field.

  •    Served His father

Luke 15: 29  

‘….See, all these years I have been your servant…..’

        He served his father like a good son. Every day for the past years he served his father like any good son would do. He was so clear on this aspect that he could rightly say that ‘I have been your servant’. So are the believers, born and bought up in christian background, they’ve never slept one day without prayer and bible reading every occasion. So clean that they rightly stand up and say ‘Lord, I’ve served you so far’

  •   Stayed with his father

        Unlike the younger one who left his dad to enjoy with the world, this one was so committed that he never wandered away from the sides of His father. He roseup every morning, worked in his Father’s fields and slept next to his dad, never even imagining a life away from his Father. In every prayer of ours ‘ Lord there is no life for me without you’ is a regular phrase. So was the elder son’s life.

  • Obedient

Luke 15:29

‘…doing your orders in everything…’

The elder son was an obedient one. He followed his father’s orders. His father’s words ruled his life like the way the word of God rules over the life of every believer. His words and actions were that of a true obedient son.

  • No entertainment

Luke 15:29

‘…Never…… I might have a feast with my friends:..’

The guy was so spiritual that he didn’t even party with his friends. He never had a feast with his friends. Such was the devotion to his father.

Now, where did he go wrong???

Let us see his complaint :

Luke 15:29 , 30

‘But he made answer and said to his father, See, all these years I have been your servant, doing your orders in everything: and you never gave me even a young goat so that I might have a feast with my friends:

But when this your son came, who has been wasting your property with bad women, you put to death the fat young ox for him.’

His complaint was one of pure jealousy.

By Jewish culture, the eldest brother always got a double share (2/3rd in this case) while the others get one share (1/3rd). He was in every way above his brother, financially, spiritually and morally upright.

But he had one problem : he never had a goat to make merry with his friends.

Why would that be so??

Because he forgot how to be his father’s son.

TLC3 copy

See how the father responds :

Luke 15: 31

‘Son, you are with me at all times, and all I have is yours.’

In essence the father says “ You never asked”.  Whoo..that is it??? That is all??

This is the problem with many of us nowadays.

They forget that the king of kings, the one who holds this whole universe in His hands is their father. They believe in His mercy and love but forget the perks of being the son of the Almighty.

Imagine the President’s son living in slums as his father resides in his well furnished house. It is not the father’s fault that his son chooses to be in slums. He could live like the president’s son or like the beggar’s son. It is his fault that he chose to be in slums. It is because ‘he never asked’.


Let us not be like the elder son and forget who our Heavenly father is. Staying with him, serving Him and being obedient doesn’t cover it all. You need to live like the son of the high God. Have the confidence that you can have anything as long as He is your father.

That’s what Phillipians 4:13 says ‘I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.’ Have confidence in your father.

He is faithful enough not to leave you halfway.

Believe in His ability.

We sing ‘Jehovah Jireh, my provider’ but forgets to let it penetrate deep in. He is you father. He will provide. Be it finance, peace, blessings, anointing, hope or even love, He will provide.

All that you need is ASK.


For you’ve got the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD

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Are we giving the BEST???

The heavenly father speaks just as a friend would speak to us. His words st264823_2036191139448_1084314761_31982114_8162128_nrengthen, support, encourage and soothe us.
But there are times when His words go straight into the depth of our heart piercing it like a double edged sword. The impact can often be felt literally when you sit there stuck, in His presence, as His words echo within!!! 
This message was one of those.

Malachi 1:8
And when you give what is blind for an offering, it is no evil! and when you give what is damaged and ill, it is no evil! Give it now to your ruler; will he be pleased with you, or will you have his approval? says the Lord of armies.
I don’t know about you all, but I certainly had my boundaries all demarcated.
I thought I would just settle iUntitled-1n as a good Christian with all the love for my Lord secured within. I would share the love of God to those who surround me and maybe do something in church and sit back and relax.
That was certainly what I had planned for myself.
Though Lord kept pestering me through many of His servants, to dive deeper into the pool of anointing and to enter into another grade of relationship with Him, I stood firm within the circle I drew.
Then one day, that verse jumped from the bible and bit me “How can you settle for a lesser gift if you really love God?”.
Won’t all the sacrifices unto Him be of the highest quality if you really really love Him?
O Come on, He gave His best.. His very best indeed!! His only son.
The verse put a different thought into me. If I kept saying Lord here I am.. as a living sacrifice I give myself and all those good stuff you say and YET..YET refrain from giving my best unto the building of His kingdom, how can I ever stand in His presence boldly? How can I say with a clear conscience that I sacrificed my best offering? 

I would turn out to be no less than a hypocrite in doing so.

His word asks me to give my best.
The best of my time, the best of my energy, the best of my Talents, the best of everything. After all whatever I have is only what He has given me.
Why should I hold back from giving it all into His kingdom?
Why should I refrain from giving it all???
Why should I draw boundaries and set limits to how far I can go when He has showered on much more than I can ever give back?
If you and me can put in more energy and better of our resources and the best of our talents for all the worldly things, why are we holding back from doing the best unto His kingdom?
Why do you give him the second best when you can easily go for the best with a little more dedication, an ounce of courage and another pinch of effort.
It is not the situations nor the society that is often binding us but it is our lax mentality when it comes to spiritual matters.
We limit ourselves with a ‘This is enough’ button. I think this is another phrasing for ‘This is all you deserve Lord’. Ouch! That sounds bad right? That is exactly what the Lord says in Malachi.
The Lord asks us a simple question: Why do you bring to me the crippled when you have a healthy sacrifice all in store for your king?
In today’s world, it can be modified to ‘Why do you bring me your lazy efforts for my kingdom when you spend hours trying to please your boss? Am I least of who deserves your best??’
All of us who shout our love for Christ in churches and forget all about it in day to day life, let us be awakened to the question the Lord has put forth.
Are we doing our best for His kingdom?
Are our sacrifices pure and complete?
Or are they half-hearted efforts like the crippled lambs?
Renew yourselves ye children of God.
Give Him your best in everything especially your talents. Use them for His glory.
To all the writers out there, may your pens write for the glory of kingdom. Let your words overflow with His love!
To all you artists, may your creation reflect His grace and mercy!
To all you singers out there, let your voice lift up His name in all the earth!
To all the dancers, dance for His kingdom!
To all the creations, you are gifted with one thing or the other, use it for His kingdom and in the very BEST way possible.
Stop bringing crippled sacrifices.
He deserves the best and the best is what you bring to the one you love!!
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Crazy Freaks

Staring at an ocean

With a stick extended to the waters

The old man was crazy to the core

Stepping onto a turbulent water

On the word of what seemed a ghost

The fisherman seemed to have lost it

Sacrificing the long awaited blessing

An only son for a voice that speaks occasionally

The rich old guy was psychic

Building a big boat

Advocating waterfall from heaven

There was another lunatic

Asking a lame man to get up and walk

For he was spoken to with the name of a dead guy

The men sounded ridiculous

Standing in front of a tomb sealed 4 days ago

Asking the stone to be rolled away

The Lord sounded irrational

Following a master for double share

When he gets caught up to the heaven

The disciple was a queer one

Entering the presence of a king

Uncalled yet risking life for the family

She was an odd queen

Struck by a lightning

Heard an echo of a buried master

Revolutionary turned religious nut

Gathered in the name of a lost master

Awaited for a friend never heard of

The followers were an odd bunch

Master of hundreds was he

Yet humble to the master’s words

The centurion was a foolish one

Defiling the law of the land

With open window prayers

The fellow was fanatical

Watching the flames made extra hot

Yet declaring their faith strong and bold

The lads were of a peculiar kind

Banished to a far away island

Dreamed of the future

His favorite disciple was barmy

Challenging the prophets of the nation

Calling for fire from nothingness

The lonely prophet turned eccentric

Picked on as the bible nut

Glad to be in good company

Yes, I am a Jesus freak

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More than often, rejections and failures push us feel into the depths of worthlessness. We feel like our very existence is a waste and utter hopeless often invades into us. No matter how much the people around support us, there often remains the feeling of a lost sheep, wandering without an aim.

Many a times, I have asked these questions to myself:

“Why am I so valueless?”

“Why is my price-tag rated so low?”

“Why do I feel like am the most cheapest person on earth?”

“Why is my life so worthless?”

Then I heard a soft voice asking me one single question.

” Your price tag isn’t cheap. It is stamped with a price that cannot ever be compared to. The life of the Son of God. What more are you looking for???? “

I sat dumbfounded at that question: “WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?”

What more did I want??? Nothing. I could find nothing more valuable than the life of the only son of God.

A life that was sacrificed to save this yucky sinner girl!! A life laid down out of love for His enemies!! A death so low and pitiful did He gain for saving you and me!!


We are priced by the blood of Jesus (=the very Life of Jesus). Not even one of you are worthless… You were created for a reason and bought with the highest price of all.



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Unto thee

Each day I live
Let me live as your reflection
Each breath I take
Let it be honor to the great I am

Each moment I live
May your heart be etched to mine
Each song I sing
Let Your praises sprout out more

Heaven Your glow
Let it shine through me
Here I offer all of me
Holy spirit take control


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