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Kanakpura again!!

Church picnic..A few clicks

Sorry for glares and out of focus clicks…

I wasn’t quite at my best but hey, nature is beautiful the way it is!!

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More nature clicks

I am definitely not a flower lover, but the beauty of His creation awes me every single time.

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Waiting again

I love putting up cute and unique wallpapers. Today, as I searched for a new one on theme “Waiting“, I found something strange and interesting. Continue reading “Waiting again”

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Am I old??

Throughout the years, I have heard a thousand preachers talking about how the world is heading towards destruction. I heard them speak about how the vulgarity and immorality in this world is spiking up at an alarming rate. I have listened to many a call to rise up and pray for the nations and the people. I have been called to action to reach out and spread the good news.

But, never did it strike me so badly that the world indeed needs a Saviour as this last weekend.

And what changed me? Continue reading “Am I old??”

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Happy world SLEEP day

Reblogging some weird ramblings from a year ago… Ohh the stuff I wrote….

The best thing about blogging is that you can go back and laugh at yourself 😀 😀


wp-1458291090720.jpgI love sleep.

I mean, I reallllyyyyyy  reallyyyy LOVE sleep.

My sleep facts:

  • I need at least 8-9 hours of sleep to keep me out of crankiness and sleep deprivation- headaches.


  • I can’t sleep in a public place.
  • I finally mastered the art of sleeping in moving vehicles.
    Thanks to 6 years of education far away from home. It was a bit tough at first. I was all self conscious; ‘what if my mouth is open in sleep and people see it?’ ‘what if I look all frizzly (my hair..oh my hair) after sleep?’

imageBut after a while, ‘who cares what they think? I am not going to see them again’ 😀 and the sleep-filled travel began.

  • It takes me a while to sleep in a new place…or even an old place after a break.

I need to feel secure with the doors locked before I shut my eyes, no…

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Another sneak peek into ‘A thank you, Every day’. (Also, I kinda wanna share this pic..My first Shoefie) 😉

And those who have not yet seen my secondary blog, it is a new year resolution to be thankful every day. Despite all my misgivings, it is well into the third month and still going strong :D.

You can check it out at :
A Thank you, Every day

Please feel free to Like, Share and Comment if anything makes you smile 🙂

A thank you, Every day

Finally got my shoefie..( Well, not quite a selfie…)
Thankful for new shoes!!

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…….and your minds

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

A familiar verse…But something jumped out at me. Continue reading “…….and your minds”