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EZRA (Part Five: Ezra, the Prophet)

EZRA (Part One: The Story)

EZRA (Part Two: YES to Opportunities)

EZRA (Part Three: Waiting)

EZRA (Part Four: Opposition)

Ezra was a:

  • Prophet
  • Priest (Aaron’s lineage)
  • Teacher of the law
  • Man who had the favor of God as well as the King

In short, he was a man who knew, followed and even taught the law of the Lord.

In Ezra 7:11-27, we see a second open invitation for the people to return back to their freedom and worship. Though that would us think a lot of people who have jumped at the opportunity, they DIDN’T. Continue reading “EZRA (Part Five: Ezra, the Prophet)”

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Ezra (Part Four: Opposition)

EZRA (Part One: The Story)

EZRA (Part Two: YES to Opportunities)

EZRA (Part Three: Waiting)

In Ezra 4, we read about opposition faced by the nation against their temple being rebuilt. Accusations are filed and the work of the temple comes to a pause for about 16 years!

Now the questions are “Was it not God’s will for the temple to be rebuilt?” “Didn’t God ask them to come back and provide the provisions so far?” “Did God suddenly change His mind?” Continue reading “Ezra (Part Four: Opposition)”

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EZRA (Part Three: Waiting??)

EZRA (Part One: The Story)

EZRA (Part Two: YES to Opportunities)

Ezra 2 is a list of people who chose freedom and had that fire of desire to worship their God in His temple. They get back to their own land, each one to their own towns.

They are restored of their wealth and many of the riches that were stolen from the temple of God.

By the end of chapter 2, they arrive and settle in their towns.

And they wait!!!

They wait for 2 years and 2 months!

These are the people who traveled all the way back to their hometown to rebuild the temple of God and for 2 years, NOTHING?

No, that is where we differ from them. Continue reading “EZRA (Part Three: Waiting??)”

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EZRA (Part Two: YES to Opportunities)


Ezra (Part One: The Story)

The book of Ezra starts with the mention of a prophesy:

Ezra 1:1

In the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, in order to fulfill the word of the Lord spoken by Jeremiah, the Lord moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia to make a proclamation throughout his realm and also to put it in writing……………

Continue reading “EZRA (Part Two: YES to Opportunities)”

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EZRA (Part One: The Story)

Ezra: ‘one of the minor prophets’ that was basically all I knew about this guy in the bible.

I knew that the book of Ezra was a historical book and that meant “Story book” in my head. Nothing much did I expect when I started reading this book.

My first reaction after I went through the chapter was that “It didn’t have any grand finale”. The end was abrupt and left me hanging. I needed to know why this chapter was mentioned in the bible and hence the dig into history. I never expected a historical book to convict me, but it sure did. Continue reading “EZRA (Part One: The Story)”

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The one ministering area I was always apprehensive to step in was ‘Children’s ministry’. Though, I have no idea how I ended neck deep in it, I gotta admit it wasn’t as scary as I thought. In fact I enjoyed being the ‘Craft teacher’. 

Sharing a few clicks from what we did the entire week:

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